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Freedom in Arbin


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Arbin is confined in winter’s embrace. Under the mailed fist of an occupying army, the oppressed people of the lower city are stirring to life.

All Tane wanted was some peace, but it’s hard to come by in times of war. Unable to keep the outside world at bay, and unable to resist the sweet jangle of a handful of silver, he is soon drawn into the maelstrom of all the world’s problems as they come to a head.

When he is recruited to carry out a high-profile hit, Tane comes up against the swell of larger forces vying for positions of power in Arbin. Meanwhile, the disenchanted citizens, left by the wayside, are finding voice and taking their complaints to the streets. These powerful forces are coming into conflict, but nobody’s motives are as simple as they appear. Tane is forced to choose whether he stands with his people, or stands by his word.

He must decide whether he is able to resist his very nature. And decide the true price of freedom.

Freedom in Arbin is the final book in the Arbin Trilogy.


Under Gravity’s Dust


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The small town of Veritas is under siege. Now the defences have fallen.

They thought they were safe. They thought the world wouldn’t find them. Now they hoped the world would remember them.

A new novella from the author of the Arbin Trilogy and Sleight of Hand.


War in Arbin


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Arbin, the jewel of the kingdom, is a city bowed beneath the weight of a war it doesn’t want.

Tane is thrown a lifeline when he is given a cosy job treasure hunting for a rich noble family, and he thinks he can escape the fast closing winter and impending shortages. Not to mention the King’s soldiers rousting unwilling recruits for the war with the western tribes and keeping the city in virtual lockdown.

But the city’s factions are all at play, with underhanded dealings and knives in the dark. Assassins are scrambling for cover, the Mayor is on the election warpath, and refugees are already spilling in from the west.

With the kingdom’s finest bellowing for action, the only question is whether the city can hold itself together long enough, or if the war within will tear it apart.


Sleight of Hand


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Steven Erikson’s Malazan Book of the Fallen represents a landmark in fantasy literature. The ten-volume series is a post-modern journey through the mind and soul of the characters and the author himself.

The series is replete with thematic and symbolic explorations and genre tropes. Sleight of Hand explores a selection of the central themes appearing in the series, and is one of the first works to analyse those themes across the entire Malazan Book of the Fallen.

In exploring the journey of the author and his characters, Sleight of Hand becomes an exploration of the journey of a reader and anybody with a tale to tell, as they seek their humanity.

Night in Arbin

Night in Arbin

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Tane, one of the premier assassins in the city of Arbin, wakes one morning to find his lover Lucinda, daughter of a high-ranking noble, murdered. Grieved and outraged, he begins asking dangerous questions – and learns that life in Arbin is about to descend into chaos.

As he tries to outrun the memory of Lucinda, and the people who are trying to kill him, Tane finds himself face to face with a mage-assassin and a web of intrigue and corruption that could shake the very foundations of his beloved city. The assassins’ guild is at war.

Meanwhile, the cry of war from Arbin’s northern overlords is ringing through the streets, but the city has its own invasion to deal with – a mysterious grey-robed order of priests. As he learns more, Tane finds that not only are they at war, but the nobles have infiltrated the assassins’ guild – the only family Tane has ever known.

With a little luck, Tane will be able to thwart the dark figures hunting him at every turn and unravel this tangled web before Arbin falls to ruin.

The problem is, Tane doesn’t believe in luck.

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