War in Arbin – Preview 2

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Here’s another excerpt from War in Arbin – Release date is March 5th

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Maybe there was no such thing as luck. We can pray and beseech, take the same route to the market every fourth day of the new moon, stroke the head or phallus of some granite figurine—maybe it all meant nothing. Seemed like when the dice fell your way a few times it’s easy enough to put it down to skill or just desserts; but it’s when they’re falling the wrong way that luck seems real to me.

Maybe if you take it seriously enough you can turn your back when things are looking ill, crawl back into bed and wait out the day. Except when there’s a job to be done.
So were the dark directions of my thoughts as I gazed on the still-lit shutters’ edges. Two problems with the picture: the light, and the shutters.
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